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The Best Cross-Country Skiing in the US

New Year's Eve is rife with possibilities.  You can don a crazy hat and hit the city, complete with noisemakers, drunk friends, noise, and confetti.  

You can have a quiet dinner at home and watch television.  

You could go to the movies.  

Or, you could get your adventuresome tail to Seattle, hire a Lamborghini, and drive the thrilling Cascade Loop to the small town of Winthrop, Washington, home to one of the best cross country trail systems in North America, hundreds of miles of champagne powder that is the stuff of skiers dreams, and an exotic, beautifully appointed mountain lodge that prides itself on premium service, five star cuisine, amazing views of the Methow Valley.  This New Year's, they will pair you up with a wrangler who will take you on a thrilling sleigh ride through the snow.  

We recommend:  drinks in their rustic bar overlooking the valley, a suite in one of the Patterson cabins, a spa treatment, some wine, some room service.  How can you lose? 

Get the details here.  Tell them we sent you.  Make the New Year something to remember.  

New Year's Eve sleighrde at Sun Mountain Lodge in Wintrop,Washington Cascade Mounains

Sleigh rides at the five diamond Sun Mountain Lodge, Methow Valley, Washington State, USA

Sun Mountain Lodge is located about 230 miles from Seattle in the small town of Winthrop, Washington.  Learn more via their website,

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