Fire & Ice at the St. Moritz World Polo Cup on Snow

We're in the heart of winter here in the Carolinas, which reminds me that there are only a few truly great places to be if you're an equestrian during the winter--Florida or Europe.  As I write this, the snow polo in St. Moritz is under way and, I must confess, with all apologies to Cartier, we're biased in favour of Maserati thanks to the presence of the brilliant  Pakistani professional, Hissam Hyder, whom we've known since before he could crawl.  Namoo is the son of legendary Lahore polo player Irfan Hyder from a truly polo dynasty.  Best of luck, Namoo!  Go, go, go!! 
Otherwise, we're waiting for spring! 
--Donna L.M. Khan, 28 January 2018, North Carolina


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