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There are some things you just can't fake.  Love.  Good wine.  Romance. Interest.  Good conversations.   

We're not into the trappings of luxury.  We're into the experience, that soul-wrenching moment when you're. on top of a mountain or in the stands at the Argentine Open or drinking a cognac from the time of Napoleon and, sudden, inextricably GET IT.  

Luxury Dossier founder and CEO Lynn Morris has a rare set of bona fides in the world of luxury.  She has written about polo, equestrian sport, and adventure travel for magazines including Cigar Aficionado, Town & Country, Robb Report, Veranda, Outside, and Polo Magazine.  She has travelled the Silk Road from Karachi into Central Asia.  She's visited more than one royal stable. She once met Secretariat.  She is, in short, a person who knows both horses AND luxury.  And relishes both. 

Her partner in life and in business, Mahmood Khan, comes by it honestly as well.  A fourth generation polo player, he is a member of an elite British cavalry regiment, Edward V's Own Lancers, Probyn's Horse, the Bengal Lancers.  He attended the Royal British Military Academy,, Sandhurst, and has played polo with royalty on five continents.  

Morris and Khan make their home at Stargrove, their 200 acre organic estate in the. Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.  They also have homes in Dubai and Pakistan. 


Our mission is simple. We develop content for horse lovers that go beyond the usual 'How-tos' and banal profiles.  We figure you are out living your life, you don't really care about the lives of Olympians or 10 goalers or anyone else.  

Our goal is to give you content that means something, content you can use.  

We also develop podcasts and video content that helps clubs, equestrian venues, and stable owners monetize their efforts in new and relevant ways.  

Finally, we develop and implement bespoke luxury events for equestrian clubs, from VIP evenings to charity fundraisers that make bank for all concerned.  



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